Midlife Love can be a Minefield

Whether you're wasting time dating or regularly getting your hope up only to be hurt...

Or you're in a relationship that's stuck or stagnant... we all want more love so Level Up Your Intimacy here in school!

This recorded symposium brings together love, relationship, and life experts -- empowering you to change your approach and finally find/create love.

Our signature program -- both group and private -- helps you crystallize your desired relationship, articulate that in your dating profile, and follow a guaranteed method to manifest/femifest your dream!

Of the six primary challenges to every relationship, the Authintimacy framework addresses the two biggies. This workshop helps you put the model into practice for clarity and closeness.

Read Experiences with The School For Love . . .


Bellingham WA

“I joined a School For Love event about ‘dating hesitancy’ and love the innovative thinking that brought that about. The Covid pandemic changed so many relationships for me, and dating is no exception. I could see from the depth and honesty of our conversation, that the folks in that event are interested in personal and inner work… how refreshing! I appreciated the no-pressure atmosphere that the facilitator established as a baseline. I’m looking forward to the next course or event, and getting to know others at a speed and intensity that makes sense for me.”


Rural Vermont

"Just wanted to follow up on the School For Love program I took part in recently. It felt so good to hear your perspectives on dating and then hear from others who have their own doubts around midlife dating. I often feel alone in situations like this, yet in the end there are so many of us experiencing the same feelings. In fact, I heard a woman express some of my own thoughts about dating with kids at home! Others surely will benefit from these structured conversations you’re facilitating, thanks so much.”


Austin TX

“As a 43-year-old woman who’s been single for a decade, recovering from the Covid chapter of dating has been hard so Paul’s teachings are super helpful. Especially lately, when my self-care and self-worth hold such a high regard. A person who can cherish me as much as I cherish them would be ideal in my world. So here we are... navigating this new dating realm. The School For Love offers a great learning experience. I’ve learned to remind myself to NOT be too hard on myself in this process, that I now have the skills to attract the right person for me at the right divine timing – thank you!”

Vision Statement

A world where spiritual people, grounded in the uniqueness of their being, full of love and esteem and purpose, connect with others joyfully and meaningfully for inspiration, learning, collaboration, growth, play, and pleasure – and in turn, groups of loving people positively impact the whole with cohesion and community.

The School For Love welcomes you regardless of your gender/identity, dating preference/exclusivity, race, religion, national origin, dis/abilities, medical choices, and age – though we do tend to focus on 40+.

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